Mercedes Benz E-Class



Mercedes Benz E-Class

Mercedes Benz E-Class is available in four variants - E240 AT, E270 CDI, E200 K Classic, and E200K Elegance. The new E-Class Merecedes is unmatched in engineering, refinement and luxury.

Mercedes E-Class has several innovative features. The driver and passenger airbags are equipped with two-stage gas generators. The triggering of the two activation stages is governed by the severity of the accident. The newly designed 4-link front suspension contributes to a more precise wheel location and minimum road roar and tyre vibrations.

E-Class Mercedes has 'Soft Stop' and 'Brake drying' features. 'Soft stop' diminishes the slight jolt that can be felt as a car comes to a halt. 'Brake drying' removes the moisture from the brake discs when the windscreen wipers are activated, ensuring shorter stopping distances.
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