Mercedes Automated Driving Technology previews Future Driver Assistance systems




Mercedes Automated Driving Technology previews Future Driver Assistance systems

“Automated Driving“ at Mercedes-Benz - Robots control accelerator, brake and steering in test vehicle.


Not to be outdone by Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz is also pushing forward with their autonomous vehicle projects.  The company is developing automated driving systems to help create better driver assist mechanisms for their production cars.

“With future driver assistance systems, we will be able to address even more complex traffic situations and therefore ease the dangers of further accident hot spots – like intersections,” said Daimler engineering executive Prof. Bharat Balasubramanian. “Our new automated driving test methods help us to fulfil the extremely high quality and operational safety demands placed on our safety systems more efficiently.”

Further, by automating certain high risk maneuvers, the car company can test vehicles to extreme limits without the risk of injuring test drivers and engineers.  Daimler says the precision of these automatic systems gives engineers better control over their experiments.

“In order to continue to set trends in the field of safety in future, our test procedures must be able to keep pace with the wealth of ideas generated by our engineers. With automated driving, we feel we are well equipped for the development of the next generation of assistance systems," Balasubramanian said.

The company uses pre-programmed robots to handle acceleration, braking and steering, while an on-board computer acts as an autopilot to guarantee the accuracy of the robotic steering.  Mercedes says each of their vehicles may be outfitted with this system for testing purposes.

This makes us wonder when we will get our own autopilot option on our cars.

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